Okahu Bluff Area

(8 routes)

This is the biggest cliff on the mountain, rising over two hundred metres straight up from the valley below. Due to its remote location, few people have ventured to the west side.


The crag is located at 1800m above sea level at its base and is gained by ascending the alpine meadow above Kahui Hut. The hut provides accommodation for six people and is at approximately 880m altitude. From the hut, the track heads straight up through bush and scrub to Black Rock and then on up the alpine meadow. 2ā€“3 hours.
Descent from the top of the crag is along a ledge towards the Summit and into the valley. Care should be exercised when crossing any old snow in the valley.


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Crag Okahu Bluff (5 routes)
Wall Pick ā€™nā€™ Mix Wall (3 routes)