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Crag Moffats Rock (5 routes)
Crag Kohatu Horoeka Ki Hemi Matenga (Waikanae Crag) (6 routes)
Crag Pukerua Bay (38 routes)
Crag Titahi Bay (98 routes)
Area Makara (28 routes)
Mountain Mt Kaukau (25 routes)
Area Wellington City (2 routes)
Area South Coast (11 routes)
Crag Baring Head (242 routes)
Crag Turakirae Head (179 routes)
Area Wairarapa (8 routes)
Range Tararua Range (0 routes)
Range Blue Range (0 routes)
Range Rimutaka Range (0 routes)
Range Aorangi Range (0 routes)
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