Revisions for Mangatepopo

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2017-07-11 22:45 by Richard Thomson

Rearranged walls and wall names in a more sensible way. Would be good to rename Te Arawa & Hotu crags. RT, July 2017

current revision
2017-07-11 22:30 by Richard Thomson
2011-03-29 21:42 by Richard Thomson
2011-03-22 15:28 by Richard Thomson


Crag Armchair Theatre (10 routes)
Wall Hotu West Wing (11 routes)
Wall Hotu East Wing (7 routes)
Wall Te Arawa Left (12 routes)
Wall Te Arawa Right (13 routes)
Wall Mangatepopo Waterfall (1 route)
Crag Middle Earth Crag (13 routes)
Crag Misty Mountain Buttress (3 routes)
Crag Bomb Bay Cliff (14 routes)
Wall Pukekaikiore Upper Tier (15 routes)
Wall Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Left (8 routes)
Wall Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Parc Lane (16 routes)
Wall Pukekaikiore Lower Tier Right (14 routes)
Wall Jims Cliffs (1 route)
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