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  Follow the rock buttress from the upper Cirque Creek on the left side of a gully, crossing to the right and up a snow couloir higher up to gain the North Ridge. Reasonable rock, but grassy.

Graham McCallum, Ralph Miller Dec, 1962.

  Start up Cirque Creek, ascending a steep tussock and scrub fan to below a large vertical bluff. Trend right on a long traverse crossing two sculptured watercourses. From here it gets a little tricky; ascend steep tussock directly up until a small terrace leads right to a large snow basin (avoid the temptation to head directly up as the terrain steepens dramatically) then continue traversing right into the center of the face. Follow easy slopes to the ridge north of the summit.

Bob Sinclair, Ken Roberts, Harry Slater, George Moir, Bill Grave, 1926.

Natural gear required
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  Five pitches. 17, 16, 17, 18, 17. Climb the standard route out of Cirque Creek to a high basin left of the Skyline Buttress. To reach the start, head leftwards up into a rocky gully to the base of West Face. You will see a pillar towering over the top of the gully. Climb up and right over this pillar and move rightwards along a ledge system, bypassing a wide crack until reaching a nice hand-crack approximately 3m further on. Angle towards the V groove you’ll have seen from down in the gully. Sensational 40m pitch.

Steve Carr, Andrew MacFarlane, Des Smith, Feb 2000.

  The buttress is approached by sidling down from high on the Original Route.

Austin Brookes, Roger McCurdy, Bev Noble, Rod McLeod, 1974.

Natural gear required
  7 pitches. A ridge and face route on the skyline as seen from Homer Hut, on the rock spur west of the South West Ridge of Christina. There is an easier variant missing the grade 20 pitch: stick to the main chimney crack instead of traversing right.

Greg Aimer, Dave Brash, Jurgren Besswenger, Jan 1990.

VI 4
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  Long mellow sections of narrow couloir with frequent steps. Then joins the 1962 route put up by Ralph Miller & Graham McCallum.

Guy Mckinnon, September 2012

  Starting as for the Original west face route until the first cleft, moving into a broad gully where possible. The route trends left out of the gully at points to avoid steep ground but never strays from it entirely. At about half height traverse some bulges, committing moves left, before regaining the gully and summit. A long 1200m ice climb. Descend via the Original west face route; note that this involves tricky route finding and unstable snow late in the afternoon. "For my level of fitness and understanding of the Darrans this route was probably pushing it a bit. Diving home I woke up hitting marker posts and had to sleep a few times. Looking back with a bit more knowledge I probably had trashed blood sugar levels and was a bit hypothermic.“Merv English

Merv English (solo), Nov 1976

  The arty cascades that you scuttle around in summer on the way up Christina. Four pitches. Two pitches had amazing clear ice, so it felt like climbing directly on top of the rock and tussock. Descend by rapping off of the top pitch, and then sidle off the ledges on the true right. The winter of 1992 was exceptionally cold and these falls froze good and solid. They may not form that often.

Brian Alder, Matt Evrard, Dave Fearnley. July 1992

Craig Jefferies
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